Carl Rydings BSc (Hons)

Design, Websites, Apps, Blogs, Reviews, Videos


Design, Websites, Apps, Blogs, Reviews, Videos

Since 2013 I have been writing blog posts and producing videos for the UK mobile network giffgaff and helping out with customer support in their community, In my spare time, I produce videos for my YouTube channel while also making Mobile Apps and Alexa Skills.

In 2016, I finished my BSc (Hons) in Multimedia and Internet Technology at The University of Salford and after a short break where I spent some time at BBC Radio Manchester as a volunteer Digital Reporter as part of their Over to You project, I'm back studying MSc Digital Marketing at Salford Business School.

Everything I produce today has been built on top of my passion for both website design and coding as well as video production which started when I was fourteen learning HTML, CSS, PHP in my bedroom.

Apps Published on
Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft Store, Pebble Appstore

Videos Published on
YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, giffgaff



  •  Employment

  • Freelance

    Design, Websites, Apps, Blogs, Reviews, Videos
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  • giffgaff

    Content Producer (Freelance):
    I write blog posts on a range of topics, including: the latest technology, app reviews, internet security, phone unboxings and reviews.

    Customer Service and Technical Support (Freelance):
    Answering technical questions from members on the giffgaff community and on Twitter about issues they are having with their mobile phones or giffgaff service.

  • Cineworld Cinemas

    Main Duties:
    Customer Service, Retail Sales, Cleaning, Cash handling.

    Step-up Supervisor:
    Day-to-Day running of the building, Cash handling and processing, Ensuring staff comply with policy, Audio/Video, customer service.

    Other areas I have been involved in:
    Producing rotas and processing holidays / day-off requests, Recruitment and training, in-house marketing, in-house focus group, alternative content.

  • YouTube

    Content Creator:
    I produce videos on a range of topics, including: giffgaff, Unboxings, Reviews, technology and my university videos. I also produce gaming lets plays on games including: Minecraft, Prison Architect, SimCity and Roblox.

    Watch my videos:

  • Precision Trading Group Limited

    Technical Director:
    Business Commerce Solutions, Ink IT Print IT, Business EPOS, CartSmart

  •  Volunteering

  • The Pixel Workshop

    Digital Marketing Intern:
    Internship as part of my MSc Digital Marketing.

  • BBC Radio Manchester

    Digital Reporter:
    BBC Radio Manchester took on a team of 100 non-journalist volunteers from Greater Manchester to "take over" the airwaves for a week in March 2017, roles included the chance to present, report, produce or create digital content. I was lucky enough to be selected as a Digital Reporter, you can see my report here.

  • Primary School Governor

    Stockport Council Local Authority Governor:
    Governing Body, Resources Committee

  • Education

  • The University of Salford

    MSc Digital Marketing

    Course included:
    Digital Innovation
    Digital Marketing and Analytics
    Search and Social Media Marketing
    Marketing Management
    Business Innovation Project

  • Google Analytics Academy

    Google Analytics for Beginners
    Advanced Google Analytics

  • Udemy

    I have completed a number of courses on:
    Ionic, Electron and iOS development.

  • The University of Salford

    BSc (Hons) Multimedia and Internet Technology (2.1)

    Course included:
    Database Systems
    Computers and Network Systems
    Video and Audio Production
    Windows Programming
    Professional Development and Practices
    Server Side Programming
    HCI and Usability
    Social Technologies
    Advanced Web Development
    Animated Graphics
    Mobile Development
    Virtual Reality and 3D Games

  • Treehouse

    I have completed a number of courses on:
    PHP, Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity and Android.

  • Cheadle and Marple Six Form College

    Course included:
    BTEC E-Media
    A-level Business Studies