I started blogging for giffgaff in 2013, over the first few years, I composed a range of one-off blog posts and video. I fitted this around the undergraduate degree in Multimedia and Internet Technology I was undertaking at the time. During this time, I was still helping out in the giffgaff community forums helping other customers, which I had been doing for a few years before getting involved in the blogging team.

From late 2016 I secured a regular blog post slot which has helped me to improve my writing skills and to allow me to write about things I enjoy and have them seen by a wide range of people. Additionally, I was producing video unboxing and reviews for the latest phones that giffgaff would send to me for review, although I wasn't buying these phones and I didn't own them. It was important to me that giffgaff gave me full editorial control and allowed me to point out the bad as well as the good to present a fair and balanced review for the viewer.

As with all good things, my time at giffgaff came to an end in 2018, to allow me to give my full attention to my Master's degree in Digital Marketing. I will always be thankful for the opportunities they provided me, and I am proud of the blog posts and videos I produced for them.

Working for giffgaff is not only a great addition to my CV, as a well-known mobile network, but it also allowed me to do what I love, producing videos and writing about things I'm interested in. During my time at university, it also allowed me to supplement my income, meaning I didn't have to do as many hours at my main job and could work more flexibly around my studies.

To me, the most important blog posts I have done are the ones on online security, data breaches and password management because I believe that internet security is so important. We have put so much of your lives online these days, and I think it's vital to open peoples eyes to the threats we face online.

Since I wrote for giffgaff, their blog has been retired for a new one and my posts are no longer available. However, I have republished some of my best on my blog, and you can check them out here.

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