The Withering Effect is a podcast for all Minecraft fans, from beginner to advanced. Each week DuDs and Jimbo discuss the worlds best selling game and how they would improve it. Also on the podcast team is DiiKoj who producers all the music for the show and myself as the shows Digital Producer. In this post, I’m going to to take you through my typical week working on the show.

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Hi Everyone,

Working on The Withering Effect podcast lets me bring all of my passions together, from audio and video production, digital marketing, graphic design and of course, Minecraft. All the members of the podcast team also play on The Ripple Effect server together. Below is a typical week for me as the shows Digital Producer, I may do these tasks on different days, and at different times week-to-week but the jobs are the same for each episode.


After the last episode is posted, we get straight into planning the next one and that all starts with ‘Block of the Week’. For those of you know don’t know, each week we will give you the members of our Discord server to vote on which block DuDs and Jimbo discuss on the following show. They will look into any fun or quirky uses for it and present their suggestions on how it could be improved. I look through a list of Minecraft blocks and decide what the three choices will be, I then make a graphic using Pixelmator and post it up for voting at around 5/6 pm on a Thursday.


This is highlight day; this is where I take a 40-60 second clip from the show and make it into a video to post on social media using Anchors transcribing service. The clips I usually take are either funny, informative or put across an innovative solution to a Minecraft problem. These clips, the text and hashtags are designed to be easy to share and help promote the podcast.

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Due to the time difference between the USA and the UK, DuDs sends me the show overnight, and I pick it up in the morning. Usually, the show has been edited once including adding in the intro and outro music, and any big coughs cut out.

My job at this point is to listen through the podcast using Audacity and take put any missed coughs or big pauses and make notes on anything I want to including the show’s description and highlight time codes. I also add in the Discord/Listener Survey advert and the drum roll for ‘Block of the Week’. I then export this as the final audio version of the show.


The next task is to make the video version of the show from the final audio version by putting it into Urmusic. I do this by playing the show and screen recording it. Once done the audio version gets uploaded to Anchor and the video version to The Ripple Effect YouTube channel.

Finally, using Buffer, I write a tweet to promote the episode. The text and hashtags are carefully chosen to not only explain what is talked about in the show but also to hit specific keywords to help the tweet rank in Twitter search (the same is true of the YouTube and Anchor META data).

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That’s it everyone Episode 35 is out and my week as a Podcast Digital Producer starts again tomorrow. If you’re interested in Minecraft, please check the show out here. The whole team puts a lot of effort into making a quality show, and we would love you to become part of our community.

Thanks for reading,