The Withering Effect

The Withering Effect is a podcast for all Minecraft fans, from beginner to advanced, the show is produced by four members of The Ripple Effect server. Each week join our host's DuDs and Jimbo as they avoid the Wither to bring you the latest news, experiences and opinion on the worlds best selling game.

Behind the scenes is myself (CarlRyds) as the shows Digital Producer, my first job on each episode is to come up with the three blocks which will be voted on for 'Block of the Week' in our Discord server. This is the section of the show where DuDs and Jimbo talk about a specific block in the game, some fun uses for it and how they would improve it.

Once the show is recorded, and I receive the first edit of the podcast from DuDs and start on my final edit; this is where I take out any dead air or coughs that may have been missed. I also insert our Discord advert and any sounds effects we need (such as for Block of the Week).

After the final edit of the podcast is finished, I will upload it to our hosting provider, Anchor, write the title and description and schedule its publishing date and time. My next job is to record the video version of the show, which is upload to The Ripple Effect YouTube channel, I make these using a site called Urmusic. Finally, I write and schedule the social media posts from the episode using Buffer and most weeks pull a one minute highlight from show to be put out a few days after the show publishes on Twitter and Facebook.

DiiKoj is our fourth member of the podcast team producing all the music for the show; he has created a video showing how he made the music which you can watch here if you're interested in seeing his workflow.

Take us on your next Minecraft adventure by subscribing now wherever you listen to podcasts or on our Anchor page. Since we started the podcast, we have seen massive growth which continues to this day and we'd love you to be part of it by joining our Discord server.

Find out what I do during the week as a podcast Digital Producer for the show here.