Providing constituency websites for Reform UK

Reform UK is embarking on a five-year journey to establish itself as a significant political force in the United Kingdom. We are committed to supporting you in achieving this goal through our dedicated local constituency websites. These platforms offer a wide range of features, including a local newsletter, contact form, and the ability to showcase your campaigns and local news. Our user-friendly content management system enables you to deliver the latest updates to residents and voters, functioning as an always up-to-date digital leaflet. Highlight your commitments to the community, promote events, and more, all with ease.

Reform UK Websites


Here is a list of features our Reform UK websites provide.

Home Page

The home page is the first point of contact for your visitors, featuring a hero image of the constituency to make them feel right at home. This page provides details about the constituency and links to further information on the local Reform UK candidate or MP. It also highlights the latest three campaigns and local news posts. Visitors can learn about the ‘Contract with the People’ and easily find links to join the party, donate, and sign up for the national newsletter. Additionally, they can access local contact information.

About Page

The about page is the place for your parliamentary candidate or MP to demonstrate to voters why they are the ideal choice to represent the local area. You have complete control to highlight their background within the constituency and outline their commitments, to help residents gain a deeper understanding of the individual who seeks to, or currently does, represent them in the House of Commons. This page serves as a vital tool for building trust and establishing a personal connection.

My Area

Constituencies are vast, and offering an overview of the area is crucial. Equally important is providing information about specific wards. Our websites allow you to showcase details about your local Councillors, campaigners, or candidates, providing residents with accessible points of contact. These pages also include campaigns and local news tagged with the ward’s name in our user-friendly contact management system. This ensures residents can readily access relevant information and connect with local representatives.


Campaigns are at the core of any local political movement. You can post details about the campaigns your candidates, MPs, and Councillors are involved in. This demonstrates your commitment to working for the local area year-round. By showcasing ongoing efforts and initiatives, you highlight your dedication to addressing local issues and engaging with the community. The latest three campaigns will be prominently displayed on the home page, while a dedicated link allows visitors to access your archive.

Local News

Providing local news can help your Reform UK website become a go-to destination for local people. Our websites help you to share updates on news that impacts the lives of residents in the area. This might include developments such as updates on a local planning application by a major supermarket, details about new housing projects, or information about community events like the local book club. Connecting with voters goes beyond mere promises made or policies delivered; it’s about participating in the community.


Events play a crucial role in fostering connections between local political associations and the community. Our websites include a dedicated section where you can showcase upcoming events within the constituency. These may be fundraisers for local charities, Reform UK events, or details about local surgeries featuring Reform UK MPs or Councillors. This platform provides a powerful tool for engaging with the local community effectively. Additionally, you can link directly to Eventbrite or another event ticketing service.


Our websites enable you to prominently display your contact information, including phone number, office address, social media handles, and an intuitive contact form. These features allow residents to easily reach out for assistance with personal issues, local concerns, or inquiries related to national Reform UK policy. Contact form replies are sent to your e-mail and stored in your dashboard for easy access. The contact service is provided by our hosting provider, with daily limits.

Local Newsletter

It’s important to connect with your most active visitors and local Reform UK members. Each of our websites is configured to allow visitors to sign up for your local newsletter. This newsletter enables you to share information about your work in the local area, upcoming events, and new candidate introductions. Additionally, it can be utilised during election time to encourage voter turnout. The newsletter service is provided by, with subscriber and monthly sending limits applying.

Postcode Search

The home page of your website includes a postcode search box, allowing visitors to determine their parliamentary constituency and election ward. This is particularly useful for visitors who are unsure if they are on the correct association website, and gives them confidence that they are contacting the right people. The service is powered by under the MIT Licence, with daily API limits. Great Britain postcode data is used under the terms of the OS OpenData licence.

Structure, Updates and Support

We have meticulously crafted our Reform UK websites to seamlessly function across a variety of devices. We employ a popular framework to develop responsive, mobile-first websites, ensuring that your message resonates flawlessly on any screen with our custom-built theme for Reform UK. Powered by one of the world’s most widely used content management systems, we ensure it remains updated for you. Additionally, we aim to provide ongoing feature updates and support to maintain a relevant and effective website.

Everything is included

We provide everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently. This includes an easy-to-use content management system to manage all your content, a website address (domain name), website hosting, SSL security, email service, daily backups, DDoS protection, domain WHOIS privacy, an annual 99.9% uptime guarantee, and unlimited bandwidth (fair use policy applies). Our hosting provider scans your website for malware and employs other security tools to ensure the safety of you and your visitors. All this for one low monthly price (paid yearly).

GDPR and Election Law

Our websites are designed to comply with GDPR by minimising the use of cookies and ensuring transparency. Users are provided with easy access to a privacy policy, details of your data controller, and other essential information regarding data usage and protection. To ensure compliance with election laws, we include an area for your “Published and Promoted” text. Our commitment to legal and regulatory adherence reflects our dedication to helping you maintain a trustworthy and professional online presence.


Images of how the website looks to visitors.

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