Five ways you can help reduce plastic waste

27th April 2018By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

We use billions of single-use plastic bags, disposable coffee cups, plastic water bottles, straws and more every year. Today, I want to let you know about a few small changes we can all make in our everyday lives to help reduce these numbers and make a difference to our environment.

Are AR Glasses the next big thing?

23rd March 2018By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

We are living in a time where our smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are getting to a point where all the big things have been done, so what’s the next big thing? Is it AR Glasses? Let’s discuss in today’s blog post.

University organisation with iStudiez Pro

9th March 2018By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

When you’re at school, college or university it can be hard to keep track of everything you need to do and everywhere you need to be. That’s why I use iStudiez Pro to manage all my classes, assignments and grades. Here’s my app review.

Top five Raspberry Pi DIY projects for 2018

2nd February 2018By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It runs the Raspbian OS built on top of Linux. There are many projects you can do with one of these little computers. Today I’m going to tell you about five projects which I have undertaken myself.

Life with no ports. Is it possible?

30th October 2017By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

When Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 everyone seemed to be up in arms. This got me thinking could we live with no ports on our phones? Today I explore the options of how to use your phones without plugging anything into it.

A month with just Apple Pay, Can it be done?

25th September 2017By Carl Rydingsgiffgaff

Some of you may know that I’m not a big fan of cash for many reasons, storing the cash somewhere, having to count it out, etc. It’s easier to just present your card or phone to the reader and go. So I gave myself a little challenge, to last from 25th August to the 25th September which just Apple Pay, no cash, no card, just my phone, how did I get one? Was I able to do it?